Neta ji addressed his first public meeting for the 2017 UP elections on Wednesday from Ghazipur district where PM Narendra Modi had addressed BJP’s Parivartan Yatra on November 14th. Tha rally was started after garlanding Late Shri Rajnarayan, one of the prominent socialist who defeated Indira Gandhi after emergency.

SP chief was impressed with the turnout at the rally said ‘it shows people liked the Samajwadi party and supported’. He also said that the crowd at SP rally at the RTI ground in Ghazipur was four times bigger than Narendra Modi’s public meeting at the same venue.

SP State President Shivpal Yadav who had played a key role for the public meeting addressed the rally with demonetisation failure and suffering of people due to it. Mr Yadav added that farmers and people from weak financial background suffered more because of this decision. He also added that cooperative banks should get the authority to change the currency of farmers and people from rural areas.

According to a report UP has the highest number of cooperative banks and most of the people in the rural areas are dependent on cooperative banks for the banking purpose. A farmer from Ghazipur added that because of demonetization our rabi crop has suffered.

Ghazipur rally saw the rise of Aditya Yadav as SP’s youth face. Aditya is currently the chairman of  Pradeshik Cooperative Federation and also the youngest representative in the summit of World’s cooperative leaders held at Canada in October 2016.

SP rally at Ghazipur

Aditya was seen busy extending all help to his father Shivpal Yadav, meeting farmers and young party workers. The young leader also addressed the rally claiming SP’s massive historic victory in mission 2017.

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